Rotary Dry Syrup 12x8 Powder Filling & Capping Machine DRYFILL-80RC

The Automatic High Speed Rotary Monoblock 12x8 Head Dry Syrup Powder Filling & Capping Machine Model DRYFILL-80RC is suitable for Glass, Plastic, PET, HDPE, LDPE Bottles with maximum speed of 80 Bottles per minute depending on Powder Fill Volume, Type of Powder, Bottle Diameter and Bottle Neck Diameter.

Machine in Stainless Steel Finish with heavy duty M.S. frame structure with S.S. Cladding. All parts coming in contact with Powders are made from S.S.316 Material and HDPE Funnels. All Enclosures of machines are made from SS304 Material.

The Machine works on proven time tested Vacuum and Air Systems to Fill powder in Bottle achieving higher speed and higher accuracy. Machine with unique Bottle Lifting and Neck Holding system avoid spillage of powder on bottle shoulder, neck and body keeps bottle clean and also avoid wastage of powder.

Machine require small area due to Monoblock design with Filling and Capping operation. Machine with complete synchronization of Bottle In-feed Star Wheel, Powder Wheel movement and out-feed Star wheel as well as capping operation for smoother operation. Machine with Rotary Bottle Moving system ensures very high speed powder filling through independent moving funnel along with bottles for greater speed and performance without compromising speed and fill accuracy. Machines with unique vibratory system inside the funnel helps filling of semi free flow type powder at higher speed.

Machine can be used for ROPP (Alu. Cap) as well as Screw Cap with the help of change parts. However for common application of ROPP Cap and Screw Capping on same machine, please ensure that the thread of Screw Cap should not have more than 1.5 turn for Capping, for separate application any type of Cap can be used without limitation.

  • Category : Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine
  • Modal : DRYFILL-80RC

Technical Specifications :

Bottle Diameter : Upto 85mm*, Square or Rectangular bottles can be used

Bottle Height : 100mm* Maximum

Cap : any type of ROPP or Screw Cap, Sample required for evaluation

Fill Range : 5gms. To 70gms. In Single Dose with the help of change parts for different fill volume

Fill Accuracy : +/- 1 to 2% Depending upon the Powder, under the controlled level of Humidity

Humidity : Below 30% Rh required on machine to be arrange by customer

Conveyor Height : 815-940 mm

Overall Dimensions : 2400 mm (L) x 1250 mm (W) x 2200 mm

Speed : Max. 80 Bottles per minute depending on Bottle Size, Bottle Neck Diameter, Type of Powder and Fill Volume.

* Specification can be changed as per customers requirements

Special/Optional Features :

- No Bottle - No Fill System

- Unique Continues Motion of Bottle Movement for Smoother operation

- Rotary Bottle Movement System with Rotary Funnel System

- Funnel with Unique Vibratory system for filling semi free flow powder at higher speed

- All contact parts with easy removal system for Cleaning / Autoclaving / Sterilization

- Machine construction in SS304 material

- Filling Accuracy of +/- 1 to 2% depending on powder at controlled humidity below 30% Rh

- Automatic In-feed and Exit of Bottles through Star Wheel System

- No Bottle at in-feed conveyor - Automatic Machine on/off System

- Low Air - Machine Stop System

- Low Vacuum - Machine Stop System

- Low Cap Level - Machine Stop System

- Automatic Cap Feeder On - Off System to avoid damage to the cap

- Toughened Glass Safety Cabinet

- Blower for dust extraction

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Utility Requirement

Filtered Compressed Air : Filtered, Oil Free, 5 to 6 Bar Air Pressure

Vacuum : 28” Hg. @ 300 LPM 2nos. and 500LPM 1no.

Humidity : Below 30% Rh

Electrical : 415 VAC 3 Phase 50Hz and 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50/60 Hz) with A.C. Drive

Power : 3 Hp For Machine and 3 Hp for Vacuum Pump if procured with machine.

Note: Required Compressed Air as well as Vaccum Pump / Vaccum Line to be provided by customer only.

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